Tech4gamers: Manta XPrism RGB DDR5 7200MHz 32GB RAM / Filler Kits Review

Tech4gamers: Manta XPrism RGB DDR5 7200MHz 32GB RAM / Filler Kits Review

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TECH4GAMERS: In our next take on the DDR5 kit, we have taken a look at the V-Color DDR5 kit. V-Color has been in the memory business for over 17 years. This is the first time that we have tested any of their products. In this article, we have tested the following:

  • Manta xPrism RGB DDR5 16GBx2 7200MHz CAS34 kit
  • RGB Non-DRAM FillerKit
  • 2 PCIe RGB Fulfill Kit

Our main interest is certainly in the DDR5 kit. This is the second 7200MHz kit on our test bench after having tested Kingston Fury Renegade RGB 32GB DDR5 7200MHz CAS38 kit. The Manta xPrism is V-Color’s high-performance, enthusiast-grade memory kit featuring handpicked ICs and a 10-layer PCB design, offering massive capacities ranging from 16GB per module to 48GB per module. These are available in DUAL kits. V-Color also carries ROG certified line of xPrism. The minimum available operating frequency on these kits is 6000MHz going as high as 8000MHz. They are available in white and black color.

Our kit conforms to JEDEC 5600MHz, operating at a minimum of 46-45-45-90 timings. This kit supports Intel XMP 3.0 and AMD EXPO 9.0, meaning a single kit offering both technologies. These profiles have:

  • Intel: 7200MHz 38-45-45-112 1.40V
  • AMD: 6400MHz 34-38-38-90 1.350V

This kit has a part number TMXPL1672834KWK. We have tested a black version kit rated for 7200MHz at CAS34 using 1.40V. This is a kit of two 2G x 64-bit (32GB) DDR5-7200 CAS34 SDRAM (Synchronous DRAM) 1Rx8 memory modules based on eight 2G x 8-bit FBGA components per module. Putting it simply, we have got a 2x16GB DDR5 kit rated for 7200MT/s at CAS 34 using 1.40V with Intel XMP. The game is different when on the AMD. EXPO profile is best supported at 6400MHz using CAS34 at 1.350V. For the sake of this kit’s testing, we are strictly comparing this kit against the Kingston Fury Renegade RGB DDR5 32GB 7200MHz CAS38 kit. One key difference between both kits is the timings. The V-Color kit operates at 34-45-45-112, whereas the Kingston kit operates at 38-44-44-105, giving Kingston kit a bit of an advantage when it comes to latencies.

The V-Color kit has a dimension of 138×41.7x9mm (LxHxW). Here 41.7mm is the overall height of this kit which is less than the height of the Kingston kit. You would need to check for clearance with the air cooler on these kits. Also, this kit has more width (9mm) compared to other kits that we have tested. This kit has a scintillating diamond-cut design on the diffuser that V-Color refers to as a Prism. Each module has 16 RGB LEDs for some vivid and dynamic lighting effects. There is no dedicated software which is a wise implementation, in my opinion, as we can control the lighting of this kit using the RGB sync technology of the motherboard manufacturer like we have controlled the RGB lighting using RGB FUSION 2.0 from GIGABYTE on Z790 AORUS ELITE AX motherboard.

The main heat spreader is made of aluminum material, and it is black in color. It has a simple design. There is a V shape raised surface in the middle for the V-Color branding. There is xPrism branding on one side, along with the part number and speed of the module. V-Color has kept the overall layout simple except for the top, where all the magic is done for RGB lighting. This kit is a single-rank design. Only one side of a black color PCB is populated with memory chips and a PMIC controller.

All components have a thermal pad sitting between them and a heat spreader. This kit uses Hynix A-Die having a part number H5CG48AGBDX018. The PMIC is from RICHTEC, having a part number of RTQ5132GQWF. This kit is manufactured in July 2023 (Week 28). Interestingly, this kit was shown not to have integrated temperature sensors, according to Thaiphoon, but HWInfo64 actually showed the temperature of both modules. What is even more interesting is that the Thaiphoon readout of the filler kit shows an integrated temperature sensor using SPD Hub SPD5118 from Montage Technology.

V-Color is also providing a Fillerkit for the users who would want to populate all 4 DIMM slots of the motherboards. This kit is available in white and black colors. These have the same design layout, and each has 16 RGB LEDs under the diffuser. These kits don’t have DRAM chips and controllers. However, there is a catch. These filler kits will work with Intel XMP only, and V-Color has suggested using 6000MHz speed with these kits with a maximum overclock of 6600MHz due to added voltage using two more modules. In our testing, we could not overclock the main kit above 7200MHz with the filler kit. We had to remove the filler kit to overclock the main kit. Each kit costs USD $66.88

V-Color is also providing M.2 PCIe RGB Fulfill kit. It is a dummy SSD that can be installed on an empty M.2 slot. It has a diffuser with the same design as is on the xPrism RAM kits, and it has RGB LEDs. We can’t control the RGB lighting effect on this SSD filler kit. Also, note that this kit is a dummy PCB conforming to the 2280 form factor, but the diffuser extends the standard width of the M.2 PCIe SSDs. This is why you can’t use these filler kits on adjacent M.2 slots. This kit is for aesthetic purposes and costs USD $9.99.

Please make a note that running a memory kit above JEDEC Default is considered overclocking, and despite XMP coming from Intel, Intel will not honor a warranty if the CPU gets damaged with the XMP profile loaded. As strange as it sounds, it is what it is!

We have tested the V-Color Manta xPrism RGB DDR5 32GB 7200MHz CAS34 kit on GIGABYTE Z790 AORUS ELITE AX using Intel i7 13700k. This kit has given a tough time to a Kingston Fury Renegade RGB DDR5 32GB 7200MHz CAS38 kit, and overall, this kit has performed better than the Kingston kit though the margin is narrow. RGB lighting is vivid and brilliant. However, we have noted that the color tone on the filler kit slightly differs from the color tone on the V-Color Manta xPrism RGB DDR5 32GB 7200MHz CAS34 kit. Speaking of overclocking, we managed to push this bad boy to 8000MHz without changing the timings. This gave a good performance boost.


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