Funkykit: v-color Manta XPrism RGB 48GB DDR5-8200 Memory Kit Review

Funkykit: v-color Manta XPrism RGB 48GB DDR5-8200 Memory Kit Review

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Disclaimer: Overclocking is never guaranteed so the results may vary depending on certain conditions and hardware configurations. I am not recommending overclocking if you do not know what you are doing. High voltages may damage hardware, and the warranty will not cover it.

v-color is well-known among overclockers for its memory kits, which have produced good results for years. It's identical to the tested XPrism 8200MT/s kit. It comes with the greatest overclocking Hynix M-die IC and Richtek PMIC, therefore there is no better combination on the market if we want to run at the highest frequencies.

The frequency scaling shows that the tested memory kit can achieve up to 9000MT/s, but the test platform limited it. We still achieved 8600MT/s, which is an excellent performance! We evaluated several 14700K and 14900KF processors, as well as the ASUS APEX Encore and Gigabyte Tachyon X motherboards. However, the majority of the evaluated processors and motherboards performed worse than the test setup used in this review.

Final words:

The v-color X-Prism 48GB DDR5 8200MT/s combines all the best for the most demanding gamers and overclockers. If you search for the fastest RAM, V-Color can be your top choice. Top performance, high quality, and perfectly synchronized RGB are all in one. You can’t go wrong with V-Color DDR5 memory!

v-color X-Prism RGB 48GB DDR5-8200 memory kit receives the Funky Kit Editor’s Choice Award!


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