DDR5 | [Manta] XPrism RGB | 48GB (24GBx2) | INTEL XMP | 遊戲記憶體

$259.99 - $499.99
Memory Capacity: 48GB (2x24GB)
Memory Frequency: 6400MHz
Color: Black
定價 $259.99
定價 售價 $259.99


*When running XMP at DDR5 7200MHz or higher, the system’s stability depends on the CPU’s capabilities.

*When enabling Dual-Channel mode with two or four memory modules, it is recommended to use the same capacity, brand, speed, and chips of memory modules.

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定價 $259.99
定價 售價 $259.99


採用最新的高檔材料組裝而成 SK海力士 晶片確保極致的超頻性能、速度、頻率和整體長期穩定性。


v-color打造自家專業工廠生產台灣MIT記憶體,擁有高效能、高速度的超頻技術,每一款DDR5記憶體模組均配備SK海力士DRAM IC。獨家設計的全自動化IC篩選設備及軟硬體測試技術來確保產品效能、穩定性及相容性,每一步驟都經過層層把關以確保完美品質。


    平滑造型的導光棒,讓RGB燈光散發光芒更為柔和均勻!! 內含16RGB LED燈讓炫光色彩勻稱流暢,可隨心所欲地創造不同色彩以增加玩家的獨特性。





          Memory Type DDR5 U-DIMM 288 PIN
          Memory Series Manta XPrism RGB 
          Memory Size 48GB [24GBx2]
          Performance Profile Intel XMP 3.0
          Dimension 138mm (L) x 41.7mm (H) x 9mm (W)



          Speed MT/s CAS LATENCY VOLTAGE
          6400MHz PC5-51200 CL36-48-48-101 1.4V
          7200MHz PC5-57600 CL34-45-45-112 1.4V
          7600MHz PC5-60800 CL36-46-46-118 1.4V
          8000MHz PC5-64000 CL38-52-52-128 1.4V
          8200MHz PC5-65600 CL40-52-52-128 1.4V
          8266MHz PC5-66100 CL40-52-52-128 1.4V
          Speed MT/s CPU Motherboard Series OC PROFILE
          6400MHz PC5-51200 12th Gen Intel Core®
          13th Gen Intel Core®
          Intel 600 Series
          Intel 700 Series
          XMP 3.0
          7200MHz PC5-57600 13th Gen Intel Core® Intel 700 Series Intel
          XMP 3.0
          8000MHz PC5-64000 13th Gen Intel Core® ASUS ROG MAXIMUS Z790 APEX Intel
          XMP 3.0
          8200MHz PC5-65600 13th Gen Intel Core®
          ASUS ROG MAXIMUS Z790 APEX Intel
          XMP 3.0

          Customer Reviews

          Based on 7 reviews
          A waste of money

          Installed Ram 530.00 dollars for 8200 m die.
          Didn’t work at all in brand new z790 apex encore, put my old gskills, in worked perfectly. Waste of money V color garbage.

          Harrison Wiener
          Add a Motherboard to the 7200MHz list!

          I have an ASUS ROG STRIX Z790 - E Gaming Wifi running latest bios 1303. I put the new 96GB kit in and enabled XMP and it runs absolutely flawlessly.
          The 96GB 7200MHz RGB kit is fully compatible with my Asus board.
          Just some information. Been running it completely stable for a few weeks since it came out. At 7200MHz.

          Amazing Performance

          Using with a Z790 Apex & 13900KS at 8400 CL36-48-48-84 and wow these rock! Low voltage kit as well keeps them nice and cool (1.5V with air cooling)

          Coleman DuCharme
          Regarding XMP compatibility

          John, it literally states in the description of the product that you will need one of three very specific z790 motherboards in order to run the advertised XMP profile. A Z790 Apex, Z790 Dark Kingpin, or (not listed) a Z790 aorus tachyon.

          You should add the aorus tachyon to the list of XMP compatible motherboards.

          Otherwise, this is the best ram on the market!

          Amazing kit, great performer and looks amazing

          The heatsink is really beautiful, the mirror finish is amazing and the RGB looks good as well. I wasn't able to run them at 8200Mhz using a Z790 Aorus Master but they work at 7600Mhz CL34 43 43 115 which is also great.

          Update: I was aware that the Z790 Aorus Master isn't listed in the validated platform list, and haven't blamed the product for the XMP incompatibility. The motherboard was replaced by a Z790 Aorus Tachyon and even though it's able to boot at XMP settings, it isn't stable. With a bit of tweaking I was able to fully stabilize it at 8000 CL36 46 46 56 and am pretty happy with the results!