DDR5 | [Manta] XPrism RGB | INTEL XMP | RGB 燈條

$66.88 - $70.88
Non DRAM filler kit: (2xRGB Dummy ram) *Only for INTEL*
Color: Black
定價 $66.88
定價 售價 $66.88

IMPORTANT: Please Read Before Purchasing

• This RGB Filler kit does not contain DRAM memory. It is meant for aesthetic use only.

• This kit is only compatible with motherboards that have an INTEL chipset. It is not compatible with AMD chipset.

• For optimal performance and stability, it is recommended to use this filler kit with memory RAM capacities up to 48GB (24GBx2), and with overclocking speeds up to 6600MHz. Using memory with capacities and speeds higher than these specifications is not advised.

• The RGB Filler Kit is exclusively compatible with the DDR5 Manta XPrism RGB and XSky RGB Series memory RAM. It is not compatible with RAM from other brands.

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定價 $66.88
定價 售價 $66.88

透過填滿空的 DDR5 插槽來完成您的客製化 PC


 **這些虛擬模組不包含 DRAM 記憶體。僅供美觀使用**

 **僅適用於INTEL XMP。填滿所有 4 個 DRAM 插槽會增加電壓負載,因此建議與記憶體 RAM 超頻一起使用 速度高達 6000MHz,A-die ram 速度最高 6600MHz  以獲得穩定的性能。

【增強 RGB 燈光提亮】

精心設計打造的菱鏡紋造型導光棒,讓RGB燈光散發的光芒更加炫彩奪目!! 內含16RGB LED燈讓炫光色彩勻稱流暢,可隨心所欲地創造不同色彩以增加玩家的獨特性。


透過 RGB 軟體個人化和控制 RGB 燈光,例如 Asus Aura Sync、MSI Mystic light Sync、Asrock Polychrome Sync、Biostar RGB Sync。


Memory Type DDR5 U-DIMM 288 PIN
Memory Series Manta XPrism RGB | Manta XSky RGB
Performance Profile Intel XMP 3.0
Dimension XPrism RGB: 138mm (L) x 41.7mm (H) x 9mm (W)
XSky RGB: 138mm (L) x 38mm (H) x 9mm (W)


Compatibility (RGB Filler kit is compatible with following memory capacity/speed)
Memory Capacity

32GB (16GBx2)

48GB (24GBx2)

Speed MT/s CPU Motherboard Series OC PROFILE
5600MHz PC5-44800 12th Gen Intel Core®
13th Gen Intel Core®
14th Gen Intel Core®
Intel 600 Series
Intel 700 Series
XMP 3.0
6000MHz PC5-48000
6200MHz PC5-49600
6400MHz PC5-51200
6600MHz PC5-52800

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