xanxogaming: v-color DDR5 XSky ROG Certified 32GB (16GBx2) 7200 MHz CL36 Review

xanxogaming: v-color DDR5 XSky ROG Certified 32GB (16GBx2) 7200 MHz CL36 Review

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What is ROG Certified?

It is an additional profile for greater performance, that will only appear on ASUS ROG Z790 motherboards. This profile makes memories work 7400MT/s CL38, 200 MHz more frequency, but with a little higher latency. In BIOS this option will appear as an additional XMP profile, called ROG Certified. Applying this option is no different than applying any other XMP profile.

Thanks to the portal Gamers nexus, We have an idea of ​​the process that chips and modules go through to ultimately reach the hands of the end user. I recommend taking a look at the visit the media made during its company visit to Taiwan.

Finally, high-end DDR5 memory are really affordable.

When it comes to RAM memories, especially those with high frequencies, the most important thing to remember is that they must pass the litmus test of stability without a single error. It makes no sense to promote RAM that is unstable, no matter how well it performs in benchmarks.

The good news is that v-color DDR5 XSky ROG Certified 32GB (16GBx2) 7200 MHz CL36 memory is available. They not only approved, but also passed the 7200CL36 (XMP) and 7400CL38 (ROG Certified) profiles. As a result, all of today's outcomes are trustworthy.


We found a modest increase while running the ROG Certified profile at 7400 MT/s CL38 compared to 7200 MT/s CL36 (XMP) on synthetic benchmarks such as AIDA64 and Geekbench 4. Meanwhile, in games that are vulnerable to RAM frequencies/latencies, the difference between these settings is only 1-2%.

In the best-case situation, we see up to 8% greater performance than 6000 MT/s CL40 memory. For many, the price difference may not be justified, but this product is geared for gamers or enthusiasts looking for the finest performance.

Finally, we looked The only critique I have is that the only boards listed in the official QVL for this model are ASUS Z790 ROG boards. This could be due to a ROG brand exclusivity, which makes sense, but I can't confirm it. It does not necessarily imply that it will not work on compatible boards from other manufacturers, such as GIGABYTE or MSI, but the warranty does not explicitly cover such circumstances.at their warranty policies and found them to be quite strong, which may come in helpful in the event of an emergency. Remember to check the RAM QVL list and utilize an Intel K-series processor from the 13th or 14th generation.

Final score - v-color DDR5 XSky ROG Certified 32GB (16GBx2) 7200 MHz CL36

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