Tech4gamers: The Manta xSky RGB 32GB DDR5-5600 CL26 Kit Review

Tech4gamers: The Manta xSky RGB 32GB DDR5-5600 CL26 Kit Review

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Tech4gamers: The DDR5 RAM kits operate at high speed, providing better performance than the DDR4 kits, but they do so with loose timings, which is understandable to safeguard the integrity of the data. V-Color has come up with an idea where they have released DDR5 kits which operate at 5600MHz speed but at CL26, which is quite low compared to CL30 to CL38 timings on the kits, depending on the configuration. We are testing the V-Color Manta xSky 32GB DDR5 kit.

Here are the specifications:

Specification Detail
Memory Type DDR5 U-DIMM 288 PIN
Memory Series Manta XSky RGB | Non RGB
Memory Size 32GB (16GBx2)
Performance Profile Intel XMP 3.0
Dimension 138mm (L) x 38mm (H) x 9mm (W)
Speed 5600MHz
MT/s PC5-44800
CAS Latency CL26-36-76
Voltage 1.4V

This kit has a tested speed of 5600MT/s with tested timings of 26-36-36-76 at 1.40V. This kit has a single XMP 3.0 profile. There is no AMD EXPO profile. The height of this kit is 38mm which is a low-profile design.


We are using the mentioned configuration for RAM testing:


The V-Color Manta xSky DDR5 32GB kit is a memory kit that offers low-timing out-of-the-box performance.
It operates at a speed of 5600MHz with CL26 using 1.40V.
The kit utilizes Hynix A Dies, which provides excellent overclocking potential.
With a dimension of 138x38x9mm, it is a low-profile kit, making it suitable for systems with air coolers.
The kit is available in white, black, and silver colors.
It comes with a limited lifetime warranty and is priced at USD 139.99.
Overall, the V-Color Manta xSky DDR5 32GB kit offers a versatile option for users who want to balance timing and memory frequency.

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