DDR5 | [Manta] XPrism RGB | 96GB (48GBx2) | INTEL XMP | Gaming Memory

$269.99 - $599.99
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Memory Capacity: 96GB (2x48GB)
Memory Frequency: 5600MHz
Color: Black
정가 $269.99
정가 할인가 $269.99
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정가 $269.99
정가 할인가 $269.99

Supports Intel XMP

Assembled with the newest high-grade SK Hynix chip ensuring extreme overclocking performance, speed, frequency and overall long-term stability.


Every DDR5 memory modules come equipped with SK Hynix DRAM ICs, selected through strict rigorous testing, and manufactured with high-standard production equipment.

Designed to deliver quality and full-overclocking capability with a high tolerance for extreme overclockers and PC enthusiasts.


    Featuring newly crafted LEDs for lustrously bright, ultra-smooth RGB lighting.

      BUILT TO PERFORM. High quality heatsink ensuring heat-dissipation for uncompromised performance under extreme loads. Optimal for gamers and overclockers.
        Limited lifetime warranty
          Memory Type DDR5 U-DIMM 288 PIN
          Memory Series Manta XPrism RGB 
          Memory Size 96GB [48GBx2]
          Performance Profile Intel XMP 3.0
          Dimension 138mm (L) x 41.7mm (H) x 9mm (W)



          Speed MT/s CAS LATENCY VOLTAGE
          5600MHz PC5-44800 CL40-40-40-86 1.25V
          6400MHz PC5-51200 CL32-39-39-98 1.35V
          6800MHz PC5-54400 CL34-46-46-106 1.4V
          7200MHz PC5-57600 CL34-45-45-112 1.45V
          Speed MT/s CPU Motherboard Series OC PROFILE
          5600MHz PC5-44800 13th Gen Intel Core® Intel 700 Series Intel
          XMP 3.0
          6400MHz PC5-51200 13th Gen Intel Core® Intel 700 Series Intel
          XMP 3.0
          6800MHz PC5-54400 13th Gen Intel Core® ASUS PROART Z790-CREATOR WIFI
          XMP 3.0
          7200MHz PC5-57600 13th Gen Intel Core®
          ASUS ROG MAXIMUS Z790 APEX Intel
          XMP 3.0

          Customer Reviews

          Based on 3 reviews
          Harrison Wiener
          Stay AWAY! Forget what I said below. They broke in only two months. Garbage.

          Well the subject says it all. V-Color if you try to delete this review or prevent it from going up with my initial review, I'll make some nice YouTube videos about your wonderfully reliable product.
          Here's the bottom-line guys. Any memory that can't make it even 2 months deservers NO consideration. DO NOT BUY THIS!
          Thank God I kept my old kit of 6800 G.Skill. At least they know how to make memory that lasts.
          Expect my refund request today V-Volor.
          Total Garbage.
          Harrison Wiener

          Harrison Wiener
          Runs Flawlessly and Great RGB

          I'm running 96GB (2x48) 7200Mhz RGB. I haven't had a single issue. It runs flawlessly at 7200MHz XMP Intel, and the RGB with Prism cut plastic is pretty cool!
          Only one thing that's obviously a non-issue for me. I have the RAM in my ASUS ROG STRIX Z790-E Gaming Wi-Fi board, and Armory Crate is telling me the voltage is 1.38, meaning likely around 1.35v in the XMP profile, NOT 1.45 volts. Although my sensor reading could be incorrect. It is Armory Crate after all.
          I've not had anything but G.Skill Trident Z5 RGB up to 6800Mhz and it's great RAM. Didn't need any other brand. Then I read these folks came out first with a 96GB DDR5 kit at 7200Mhz with great RGB. I figured let's try it. VERY glad I did!
          GREAT STUFF! Highly recommend!


          When will it be possible to purchase 5 kits?