Wccftech Review: Manta XSky RGB DDR5-7200 “ROG Certified” Memory Kit

Wccftech Review: Manta XSky RGB DDR5-7200 “ROG Certified” Memory Kit

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Wccftech: The V-Color Manta XSky RGB DDR5 memory kit is a high-end design that caters to overclockers and hence features the ROG certification. The kit I received is optimized at a clock speed of 7200 Mbps (PC5-57600) but you can unlock an additional ROG-Certified DDR5-7400 profile when running on a high-end Z790 motherboard from the ASUS ROG family.The memory kit consists of dual 16 GB DIMMs which make up a total of 32 GB in capacity.

The memory kit has a tested latency spec of CL38 and the timings are 36-46-46-105 for this specific kit. The voltage set at reference is 1.45V and the memory kit comes in an unbuffered package with an on-die ECC (Error Correction) design. The memory kit is fully compliant with Intel's XMP 3.0 and can be easily set to its rated clock speeds through the BIOS shipped on the Z790 motherboards.

◽Series: Manta XSky Module Type: 288 Pin Unbuffered DIMM On-Die ECC

◽Capacity: 16GBx2 Frequency: 7200 Mbps (7400 Mbps ROG Certification)

◽Data Transfer Bandwidth: 57.600 MB/s (PC5 57600) / 59,200 MB/s (PC5 59200)

◽Dimensions: 41.7(H) x 1382(L) x 9(W)mm

◽Latency: CL36-46-46-105 / CL38-46-46-118

◽Tested Voltage: 1.45V



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Conclusion - Built For The Best!

The V-Color Manta XSky RGB memory kit surprised me by the fact that the company is not only offering some really fast Hynix A-die designs but also going one step ahead with the ROG-certified positioning that offers an even higher profile for motherboards that can sustain higher memory overclocks. DDR5-7200 is already pretty fast so pushing for an extra with DDR5-7400 is going to give a nice boost to overclockers, especially when pairing this with higher-end Intel CPUs like the Raptor Lake series.


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