Guru3D Review: V-Color ROG Manta XSky RGB DDR5 7000 CL36 32GB

Guru3D Review: V-Color ROG Manta XSky RGB DDR5 7000 CL36 32GB

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Guru3D: VColor Manta ROG XSky RGB 7000 CL36 memory is the kit we will present today. It’s not the first one from that Taiwanese company on guru3d. Over a year ago, the V-Color Manta Xprism 6200 CL36 (2x16GB) was reviewed (and it earned the “Recommended” award). This time it’s the ROG-Certified series, which allows higher frequency on the Asus Maximus motherboards than on the others. The sample we’re checking is not the best of the series (but it’s close), as even the 7200 MHz CL36 is available.


A quick reminder - DDR5 is the newest technology to hit the market, make headlines, and break world records. DDR5 already set spectacular results in overclocking (of course, using the LN2), as even 10550 MHz.  DDR4 RAMs operate on a single 64-bit bus, while DDR5 has two 32-bit buses (plus, in both cases, an additional 8-bit for ECC). As a result, a single module is identified as Dual Channel, while two are identified as Quad Channel. However, the solution does not match the throughput of HEDT platforms with processors with a four-channel controller. The internal (A / B) channels of DDR5 RAM also share the RCD (Register Clock Driver), which provides more output signals and more extended pulse reading (8 vs. 16). The DDR5 comes with a Power Management Integrated Circuit (PMIC) from the most important things you need to know. It’s responsible for controlling voltage changes, optimizing the energy draw, and making it less demanding for the motherboard controller. The DDR4 nominal voltage is 1.2 V; for the DDR5, it’s 1.1 V. Typical XMP voltage for the older type of memory is 1.35V (sometimes 1.45 V); now, it’s mostly 1.25 V. Speaking of the XMP, till now, it was 2.0 revision, with the introduction of the DDR5 we’ve got the rev 3.0. The main difference is that the number of profiles has increased from three to five (three for the manufacturer settings and two placeholders for the users).

After this short introduction – let’s present a bit of the review sample. There are two color variants:

  • Black
  • Silver (the one that is the subject of this test)

Our sample is the high-end frequency kit from the VColor Manta ROG series, with a 7000 MHz clock, CL36-46-46-105, at 1.45 V. On the Asus ROG motherboards – it’s possible to run at 7200 MHz, CL36-46-46-105 @1.45 V. As for the capacities of this family, it’s “only” 2 x 16GB kit available.


As for the frequencies, there are the following variants available:

  • 6000 MHz
  • 6400 MHz
  • 6600 MHz
  • 7000 MHz (the one shown here)
  • 7200 MHz


X to the MP yo!

Let’s start with CPU-Z. It’s an essential tool for checking the current configuration of the system. In most cases, you should enable XMP, and that’s it. Otherwise, the memory will run at 4800 MHz, slowing down your rig. Sometimes XMP won’t work, so you might have to set the timings manually. With the Asus ROG Maximus Z790 Hero, all it took was to change one setting (XMP with DDR5-7000 or the ROG-specific – DDR5-7200), save the BIOS, and reboot. 

We haven’t encountered any problems when booting the Intel system. It started with the memory running at 7000 MHz (and also the ROG specific – 7200 MHz) without any issues.

DDR5 does indicate a double data rate, so you don’t have to worry about the displayed memory clock, as the effective RAM frequency is 7000 MHZ

For the ROG profile, it's:

Full details on system memory performance check ful review link:,7.html

Final Words & Conclusion

The VColor XSky RGB Manta ROG 7000 CL36 kit offers users a really satisfying performance already out of the box. It looks attractive/clean, and there’s RGB lighting for the fans. The frequency range is extensive, from 6000 to 7200; we got the 7000 MHz variant. There’s a color selection (black and reviewed silver), but no other capacities than 2x16 GB kits are available.


VColor has made the ROG Manta look clean/attractive. There’s RGB here. Overall, we’re satisfied with what VCOLOR MANTA ROG offers in that department, as the silver variant looks quite original (and shiny).


The memory chips used here come from Hynix, A-Die. As we usually state, the overclocking capabilities’ reproducibility is never guaranteed, and your results may vary. The reviewed kit –is already a decent performance out-of-the-box. It was possible to increase the frequency to 7600 MHz using the CL38-48-48-110 (it was stable), providing a nice performance difference. The heatsink is rather heavy, and it helps to limit the temperatures.


VColor Xsky Manta ROG is an interesting memory series. The stock performance is within the expected range (7000 MHz is an outstanding performer), and the Intel XMP 3.0 profile makes life easier (you also get the higher frequency XMP for the ROG motherboards). The relatively low-profile (but quite bulky and heavy, which helps reduce the temperatures) heat spreader (38 mm/1.496 inches), so you shouldn’t encounter clearance problems with more extensive air CPU coolers. Some headroom (tighter timings/more frequency) is still available, as we reached the 7600 MHz with CL38-48-48-110. 32 GB is becoming a standard even in gaming set-ups (for the DDR5 systems), also because of the introduction of the new RAM standard. The current price for the DDR5s is decreasing rapidly, thanks to the AM5 platform introduction. We want to give VColor Manta the “Guru3D Recommended” award for this kit as it’s (more than) fast enough out of the box. The temperature is relatively low, and the aluminum heat spreaders are very effective, even when the RAM is overclocked to 7600 MHz (which is an impressive result/gain). You get customizable RGB lighting. There are two color variants available, black and silver (that we’ve checked). What would you like more? There is practically nothing (except the lower price of 259.99 USD and the relatively poor availability). Also - the heatsink is a fingerprint and dust magnet. Besides that, it’s an attractive DDR5 kit, but the price is still the main downside of this standard (although the decrease is constantly visible).

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