V-COLOR announces a high-performance OC R-DIMM Octo-kit for WRX90 Workstations

V-COLOR announces a high-performance OC R-DIMM Octo-kit for WRX90 Workstations

March 5th, 2024, Taipei, Taiwan - v-color Technology Inc. announces the launch of the latest DDR5 OC R-DIMM series optimized for WRX90 workstations. Engineered to meet the demands of new AI developers, heavy render modeling, simulation tasks, and high-end users. This new series comes with a new technology that targets a known issue with overclocking R-DIMM: High temperatures! To deal with high temperatures, the v-color OC R-DIMM for WRX90 comes equipped with a new Micro-heatsink, protecting the RCD & PMIC from high temperatures without compromising room for air flow, redefining performance standards. This memory has been tested with amazing results on the ASRock WRX90 WS EVO, Asus Pro WS WRX90E-SAGE SE, and Super Micro motherboards.

Performance and capacity:

The v-color DDR5 OC R-DIMM for the WRX90 series offers performance and capacity, ranging from 128GB (16GBx8) to an astounding 768GB (96GBx8). With its extensive capacity options and speeds ranging from 5600MHz up to 7200MHz, it will surely empower users to tackle the most demanding tasks with ease. Featuring new exclusively developed Micro-heatsink cooling technology directly on the RCD & PMIC Enhancing cooling efficiency, ensuring optimal thermal management under heavy workloads.

Precision Engineering for AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 7000 Series:

Designed with meticulous precision, the v-color DDR5 OC R-DIMM WRX90 for the WRX90 series ensures seamless integration with AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 7000 Series processors, delivering uncompromised compatibility and enhanced performance.

Ready for Overclocking:

Equipped with AMD EXPO Ready, the v-color DDR5 OC R-DIMM for the WRX90 series is primed for overclocking, allowing users to push their systems to new heights of performance effortlessly.

Global Availability:

The v-color DDR5 OC R-DIMM for the WRX90 series will be available for pre-order on v-color’s official website starting March 5th, 2024, with full release in Mid March, followed by availability through distribution partners worldwide.

About v-color

v-color Technology Inc. was founded in 2006 to offer high-performing memory to enrich users with the most extraordinary performance experience. The Taiwan-based company has grown to become a leading global memory solution provider, delivering innovative memory solutions with the highest grade to meet the needs of users. To learn more about v-color, please visit https://v-color.net/

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